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Wine is a social drink. We drink it to celebrate, during dinner and just at home relaxed on the couch. Wine is often been drunken more than 1 person. People like to talk about wine and often remember the taste and link this to a memory. So also us here at the Theaterhotel Venlo, we know all about nice drinks and about wine as well. That’s why we developed our own house wine: Oro & Roco.

We collaborated together with an amazing winery located near Soave just a little east of the city Verona in the north of Italy. The area is famous for its white wine. The winery owner has multiple large wineries and knows all about it. He drives himself from winery to winery in real Italian style, because he is known for driving around in his Ferrari. The red wine is made in the same province, Verona. This is the Valpolicella area.

Come over to the Theaterhotel Venlo and try these lovely wines yourself! You can drink them in hotelbar De Miste or buy

Our red wine is named Roco. Roco is a Italian boys name inspired on the word rosso, which means red. Our Roco is made for 60% out of Corvina grapes, 20% Rondinell, 10% Corvinone and 10% Merlot. The fermentation process happens the traditional way. The refinement is in stainless steel and for about 3 months in bottle. The colour is Ruby red with hints of purple. It has a fruity vinous bouquet with hints of red fruit. This is a wine you drink preferably young.

Mr Jigs.

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