Hotel Venlo

Here, away from the madding crowds is one of Venlo’s most unusual and secret gems, MR JIGS. A three-star classification hotel with 34 rooms. This modern building with a snow-white facade with black frames is a feast for the eyes. Combine it with an outstanding view over the local Juliana park, and you’ve got yourself a little bit of Central Park in Venlo. MR JIGS is easily accessible with the train station a stone’s throw away and plenty of parking facilities in the surroundings. And it’s just a short walk from the heart of the city center, so enjoy your stay in Venlo at MR JIGS.

The Jigs way
Who needs a phone in a hotel room when there’s WhatsApp? Why have a normal bed when you can have a giant bed with fluffy sheets? Everything in our hotel is designed by deciding between no bullshit and unexpected luxury, so we can offer you everything you need, but better.
Enjoy the simplicity of no bullshit and let us amaze you with unexpected luxury!